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Train the Trainer Program

Train-the-trainer Program


Our Train-the-Trainer Program is now available! Reach out to to sign up!

Our Train-the-Trainer program will offer a cost-effective and time conducive alternative to our open enrollment option. Health facilities will be able to annually license our copyrighted materials and receive direct training from our staff so required cultural competency training can be completed and maintained within their own organization.

We recommend this option for facilities with 60 or more employees.

Training program (Approx. 1 Month)

Three 3-hour NVCC training sessions (Approx. 9 hours total)

  • Trainees will attend and participate in a standard NVCC training in its entirety, experiencing the training as taught by DHHS/HCQC approved trainers.

Train-the-Trainer Sessions (Approx. 6 hours total)

  • Before, in between, and following standard training sessions, program participants will attend Train-the-Trainer meetings to work through the content with the Nevada Cultural Competency instructors, keeping key takeaways in mind for teach-back lessons and practice. Format of the program will include live trainings, group discussions, take-home worksheets, synchronous modules, and Q&A sessions with NVCC Trainers.

  • Train the Trainer trainees will develop their own examples and 'back-pocket knowledge' to ensure relevance to their organization when presenting the training.

  • Trainees will engage in discussions, reflections, and evaluations to ensure understanding of the content of the training, recognize the purpose of cultural competence, and create personal and organizational goals for increasing cultural awareness and sensitivity in their workplace.

  • Trainees will hear from NVCC staff and other program participants. 

  • Program materials include standard NVCC workbook, Train-the-Trainer guidebook with note pages, and take-home worksheets to encourage ongoing learning and self-evaluation. 

Asynchronous NVCC Sessions (Approx. 3 hours total)

  • Program participants will hear from community experts on topics related to organizational cultural competency including: 

    • The Truckee Meadows Community College Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability Office​

    • United Way of Northern Nevada & The Sierra

    • Tiffany Young Consulting

Trainer Application

  • Once the training program is complete, trainers will need to complete a trainer application to submit to the DPBH. The training can only be delivered by state-approved trainers. 

  • Once approved, trainers must be compliant and follow NVCC training guidelines. 


Trainee Approval Disclosure:

  • Nevada Cultural Competency staff does not guarantee trainee approval by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) post completion of our Train the Trainer program. While our goal is to holistically prepare individuals for presentation of Nevada Cultural Competency training material, High Sierra AHEC, Nevada Primary Care Association, and Nevada Cultural Competency staff are in no way involved in the approval process of potential trainers under NRS 449.103 legislative requirements.

  • Read more about the application procedure on the Department of Public and Behavioral Health Website

Added Value materials and services:

Students and Teacher in Classroom
  • Customized copyrighted NVCC training materials to reflect your organization's brand

  • Quarterly diversity and inclusion newsletter communications including opportunities for CE/CME credit

  • Annual trainer networking and recognition event (contingent upon funding)

  • Ease in access to our qualified NVCC trainers and content developers

  • Priority enrollment to NVCC training sessions ($95 per trainee)

    • Suitable for new hires and providing a convenient option for staff turnover​

Pricing Structure

Contact our team to receive more information!