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Course ID: CCT-2021-002


This training meets nrs 449.103 and ab327 requirements

Does your medical facility, facility for the dependent, or licensure board require you to complete annual or biennial cultural competency training? Nevada Cultural Competency covers both of the requirements in one class!

we are developing our self-paced online modality

We're happy to announce that we will be providing our training as a Self-Paced Course! Our Self-Paced Nevada Cultural Competency Training will be an alternative opportunity to our live training. The course will be available for completion within 30 days of registration and include diverse, holistic, course materials by our dedicated development team. 


What is
Cultural Competency Training?

  • Cultural competency training offers an opportunity to increase one's cultural awareness and sensitivity.

  • By learning about how to respect and treat unique individuals from all backgrounds, providers will improve their quality of care given and be able to effectively address the needs of any patient that they may see. Our cultural competency training will cover topics including identity and self expression, unconscious bias, racial discrimination, gender disparities, and more.

New Hires

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) NRS 449.103 has established landmark standards for anti-discrimination in healthcare. In accordance with these regulations, High Sierra Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and Nevada Primary Care Association (NVPCA) have worked diligently to create a comprehensive training for Nevada Healthcare Providers. This course is designed to satisfy the requirements set forth by NRS statute 449.103 and currently meets AB327 requirements for medical facilities, facilities for the dependent, and other facilities through content inclusive of varied pertinent topics. The Nevada Cultural Competency Training is approved for annual cultural competency training certification and recertification for healthcare facilities detailed therein and is focused on improvement of cultural awareness, inclusivity, and quality care delivery statewide. The course will be taught over 9 hours virtually or in-person by experienced, passionate, NVPCA and High Sierra AHEC staff that have met DHHS requirements. Our training is designed to not only meet the regulation requirements but leave a lasting impression on providers; strengthening equitable and accessible care delivery for years to come.


"People of different religions and cultures live side by side in almost every part of the world, and most of us have overlapping identities which unite us with very different groups. We can love what we are, without hating what – and who – we are not. We can thrive in our own tradition, even as we learn from others, and come to respect their teachings."

—Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations